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4K / UHD Screenshots

Several people have asked for 4K/UHD (3840x2160) screen shots to see how Windows and various apps scale with the high resolution.

I have a Dell 2414Q monitor, 23.8" UHD resolution monitor that I'm very pleased with. Below is a link to a file share on Google with some screen shots.

Software shown:

Windows 8.1 Pro, Windows Explorer, Task Manager

Start8 (provides a Win7 style menu in the Win8 desktop UI)


Office Pro 2013 Plus

Crystal Disk Mark - measuring my RAID performance




To really view the images you need to download them and view full screen.

I have set the OS scaling to 150%, and the browser scaling to 150%

To see a size comparison these would be best viewed full screen on a 23-24" monitor to see the font size scaling, however, what you'll see on a 1080P versus what you'd see on a UHD monitor will be fuzzy and blurry by comparison.

I would expect that most people on first observation of these would complain that the fonts are too small, there are two things to note:

1. I find that smaller fonts are fine on the higher resolution screen - I have intentionally chosen smaller fonts because with the higher resolution they are easier to read than on a low resolution screen, and with smaller fonts you can pack more on the screen.

2. Windows offers 200% scaling versus the 150% I selected for the OS, and the browser offers both 175% and 200% versus the 150% I chose, so even if you don't like it this size you can make it incrementally larger.

Although I don't yet have a screen shot today, CS6 does not fare as well. Much of it fails to scale and is problematically small. I tried to install CC but ran into problems, I will try again in a few days.


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