The Pentax K3 has a great price point. Wonderful functionality and better than its competitors

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Re: If you mean it has some better functionality

saralecaire wrote:

Unfortunately those are on paper specs which make it seems great, but in practice and resulting image quality. The Canon 6D still produces better quality results. Also hurting Pentax now is their lenses availability. The first party Pentax lenses are way too expensive and there's declining support for K-mount lenses from third parties like Sigma Tamron

Before anyone calls out Canon fan boy, I have shot with Pentax for years from the K-x, K-r, K-30, K-5. Bought the K-3 when it came out, but returned shortly after.

Have since stuck to using the Canon 6D for most shoots, not because of specs on paper, not because of brand loyalty. Plainly because the quality, consistency and flexibility of lens options makes more sense for me.

May I know which lenses that you use for Canon and Pentax that make you conclude that 6D is better in image quality than K-3?

Did you shoot Jpeg or Raw?

And since the OP mention about price point, I have to point out the price too.

Here are my consideration before getting K-3 instead of Canon system. K-3 is cheaper as per Amazon website 6D body only (USD1799), K-3 (USD 1099) of course you can say about the full frame and APS-C as your argument, but I can also state the Weather sealing, that in itself is great stuff to have (I can shoot in below freezing environment and rainy day without worry). And 8.3fps burst, etc. Oh 1 big thing for me is the 97% viewfinder coverage for 6D, this is a great deal breaker if you want to compose your picture properly, because you might miss some part and it will make your 'Rule of Third' composition way off and you need to do cropping which will decrease your Full-Frame sensor. (I'm surprise why Canon can't do 100% coverage like Pentax did, I guess I have taken this for granted until I use my student 60D (96%) and find out the composition is way off when PP) Anyway I hope you get my point here.

And since I love landscape photography I need great wide angle lens, for canon 24-70 f/2.8L II (USD2299) and for Pentax I would just take 16-50 f/2.8 (USD1030), ok for this one you can say all the bad thing about the SDM, but since we are talking about the image quality, this lenses can give you great and very sharp quality and half the price. Ok, to make it even in price, I will just throw in used DA 12-24mm f/4 lens. This lens is crazily sharp. Checkout my website 'News' Section for my latest work with K-3 and both lenses.

I would like to know this because before K-3 released, I consider Canon system just for their L lenses. But, since the removal of AA filter I don't see Pentax can't produce better quality and sharp result anymore and not to mention the K-3 white balance is extremely good (Considering how bad K10D white balance is :)) if you really work on it, in my case I use DCU 5 to unlock all the white balance and color before doing the processing in lightroom 5.3.

I'm not trying to start any argument, I just want to be fair to all of the camera brand, for me if something good I will say so but with valid argument. I can also say my iPhone 4S produce great image quality too, since It has so far produced 3 photos which got published in inflight magazines.

Sorry for the long write up. I hope you don't mind

Anyway just keep on shooting and Happy Holidays!

It's almost Christmas so Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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