LF1 owners, your comments, please

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Re: LF1 owners, your comments, please

I sold all my great canon equipment to b&h & bought the lf1 probably in 9/13.  just got tried of lugging the heavy equipment all over the country.  (by the way, b&h is best in the world)!!

love the lf1.  don't like the off/on switch close to the shudder release & have to get use to much smaller controls.  takes great pics & have no problem w/the evf.  it's the only way to go in full sunlight.

here's the rub:  1 feature I bought the lf1 was for the wi/fi.  forget it!!  even the forums say it's almost impossible to connect.  actually don't need it w/great cable hook-up & card readers on the pc.  still mad that I probably paid 50bucks to get it on camera.  maybe I'll get a refund from Panasonic??!!!

here's the funny...!!   got this useless little basic owners's manual.  call Panasonic support..."not a problem,  you'll get the full-up manual whenever"!!!  got it!!  much bigger looks good!!  takes me a couple weeks to figure out it's the same one in bigger print & pages!!  call 'sonic "sorry we no longer sell/send/ support the full up owner's manual for advanced features"!!!  of course, I know it's on the d...software cd. try using that in the grand canyon or times square!!   soooooooooo took the disk to kinko/fed-ex,  got a nice binded copy for 30bucks.  love it!!!  guess i'll bill 'sonic for the 30bucks plus the unused wi/fi feature.  hey,  maybe class action???

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