The Pentax K3 has a great price point. Wonderful functionality and better than its competitors

Started Dec 23, 2013 | Discussions thread
saralecaire Regular Member • Posts: 383
Re: If you mean it has some better functionality

Unfortunately those are on paper specs which make it seems great, but in practice and resulting image quality. The Canon 6D still produces better quality results. Also hurting Pentax now is their lenses availability. The first party Pentax lenses are way too expensive and there's declining support for K-mount lenses from third parties like Sigma Tamron

Before anyone calls out Canon fan boy, I have shot with Pentax for years from the K-x, K-r, K-30, K-5. Bought the K-3 when it came out, but returned shortly after.

Have since stuck to using the Canon 6D for most shoots, not because of specs on paper, not because of brand loyalty. Plainly because the quality, consistency and flexibility of lens options makes more sense for me.

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