RX10 lens stabilation problem

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Re: RX10 lens stabilation problem

Vesku wrote:

PC Wheeler wrote:

But I really don't notice the vibrations you mentioned in the RX10 handheld results you and others have cited, so if they are there I'm unaffected. I love my GH3 and its ergonomics but use it mostly with the 14-140 f/3.5-5.6; the two f/2.8 zooms are little used because I get lazy re lens changing. That's big plus of the RX10: 24-200 f/2.8 in one compact package, with a good EVF, etc.

I've not fully looked into the intricacies of the RX10 video settings and as yet have shot no video with mine. Apparently there are two types of IS in play; perhaps one is like IBIS in the Oly and the other is optical. Of course a real manual from Sony would be a huge help. For example, there is an ND filter with On, Off and Auto options: When does it kick in with Auto?? I have lots of such questions. But since for me any camera is primarily a still camera, and I think I've pretty much sorted out that aspect of the RX10, no big deal.

Thank you very much for your comments about this issue. You have Pana and Sony so you can compare and know better than I.

RX10 has optical stabilization and electrical stabilization which crops frame and moves it to compensate movements like ones in video editor. I Dont want to use electr stab because it reduces resolution and increases aliasing. It may be handy when walking with video.

Yes, and I think you can disable the IBIS-like mode.

Isnt there a PDF manual of something in web. I think auto ND kicks in when shutter wants to become too high for video or aperture too small to introduce diffraction depending on chosen mode (A,S,M,P).

The pdf from Sony is very meager. There is a better file created by a user here, but it's still not heavy on explanation. Example: I'd like to know what specific conditions lead to the ND Auto kicking in. A Canon or Panasonic manual will tell me. Hopefully the more detailed doc will come -- I suspect they wanted to get the camera out before Xmas.

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