Question about sensors

Started Dec 23, 2013 | Questions thread
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Question about sensors

So I realize that each sensor is its own, unique animal. Two different sensors could have been made by the same tech on the same day yet one will have different hot pixels that the other. I know that when you use insanely high ISOs and pump up the shadows that you're not going to have a 100% clean image.

All that said, I'm wondering if this is an acceptable level of noise in my Canon  6d. I shot on a tripod last night, and here are the stats:

  • 30 second exposure
  • F/4
  • ISO 12,800
  • Canon 24-70 f/4L IS @ 24mm

I pulled up some of the shadows and the lower right corner of the image turns magenta. I've seen this in another low light shot. Doesn't seem to happen in decent lighting. Is this acceptable and/or normal?

The photo below is a crop of the bottom right 1/4 of the whole image. As you can see the affected corner in this crop is only maybe 10-15% coverage so of the entire sensor we're only talking about 5% of the entire image / sensor.

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