Vibration of the A7R shutter compared to D3 and NEX-7 using a seismometer

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David: the issue of possible coupling the most adverse effects from SShock & from IS/OSS...

DavieK wrote:

In communication with Gary Friedman over this. I suggest that Sony has disabled the OSS function in the A7R with specific E-mount lenses, but not with others, because their engineers found the OSS reinforced rather than cancelled this brief shutter-shock reverberation. Gary doubts it. I've said that I bet Sony issues a firmware fix 1-2 months from now, and I also speculate that the delay in launching the 24-70mm CZ OSS is for the same reason - they saw problems and decided to launch the A7R as body only, or with 35 and 55mm primes only, rather than have quantities retailed with an OSS kit lens that produced image blur under certain very common conditions. of course crucial here:

  • and given how much more widespread and popular are the topmost EF L lenses with IS in comparison to a really frugal selection of the OSS ones,
  • the attention given to the former will certainly pay off handsomely;
  • tTo say nothing about ability to test them here and now, instead in some rather fuzzily defined future in case of road-mapped OSS'es


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