We need a DA* wide lens (11-16mm)

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Re: We need a DA* wide lens (11-16mm)

miles green wrote:

Michael Perham wrote:

miles green wrote:

But i see little point to a 2.8 10-20mm zoom...

That depends on the kind of subject matter you shoot ...for me my widest lens at this time is 16mm (DA* 16-50) and I would seriously like something in the 10 -20 range, something a bit wide than the 12-24. I would be quite happy with a prime around 10mm and I am seriously looking at the upcoming Samyang 10mm manual focus lens. However no filters on that and I do like to use ND filters when shooting water.


Don't misunderstand what i said: I'm all for a 10-20 zoom, i don't see the point of it being f/2.8. It would be much heavier, more expensive, doubly so with filters, and will have all sorts of flare issues to overcome.

My current wide lens consist of the DA21, Sigma 8-16 and Samyang 8mm Fisheye.

I love the 21, its flare resistance, colors, size... But if i could get a fast DA* 20mm (read f/1.4) i'd be very interested. Or if i could get the full effect of my 31?

The Sigma 8-16 is a workhorse - it's not a love affair, but i apreciate it whenever i need it. Not being able to put filters on it (short of a setup that costs more than the lens) is a big bummer. As i said before, i really don't care it's not a a faster lens. Besides, it's big enough as it is! 8mm is indeed much wider than 12.

The fish-eye is fun and very decent IQ wise. At 8mm, both FE and rectilinear (the 8-16) have very pronounced distortions. It really depends on the subject which its best - i like having both options.

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For landscape f2.8 is a waste I agree, however some people need 2.8 UWA for other purposes (concert, wedding, star trail etc)

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