Pentax lenses on par with canon L and nikon pro lenses?

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Re: Pentax lenses on par with canon L and nikon pro lenses?

How am I implying Sigma isn't available either ?

OE said "Pentax does not have a 70-200 f/2.8 but you can use the Sigma or Tamron."

You said "Sadly only the old Tamron is available for Pentax,"

Yeah I guess I could've been more clear

I mentioned that only Tamron isn't available, I guess I can be more specific and say Sigma's is available too...

The upgrade isn't just adding VR, the optic is also significantly upgraded along with the new USD AF motor which are faster/quiet/accurate.

But there is no upgrade to the 70-200 f2.8 (the lens under discussion) ?

Not sure how your links to other lens alter that fact.?

What do you mean: that's the "upgraded" lens which I own.

Anyways more choice = better I don't know what Pentax did to scare Tamron away from releasing new lenses for Pentax but they should kiss and make up especially with the 150-600 they're releasing

I think its more commercial decisions of Temron than any Pentax plan, on two fronts Tamron are to small to support many multiple mounts and with the Sony buy in and market share PK gets dropped (though worth noting not officially).

Officially Tamron will produce PK lens in those focal lengths appropriate (sale speak for make money at),

I guess Sigma has more juice than Tamron / Tokina and able to support more mounts

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