Couple of Thoughts on Nikon 1 Since Moving On (as Main Camera)

Started Dec 21, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Re: Couple of Thoughts on Nikon 1 Since Moving On (as Main Camera)

aChanceEncounter wrote:

Different tools for different jobs.

My DSLRs and NEX systems have fallen to the wayside. The V1 is the only system camera I have kept. If I plan on shooting action, sports, or any that that moves... when I want high FPS... or where I need long reach... or video... anytime I need a camera that is quick and reliable, the V1 is what I reach for. For landscapes I wanted something more resolving and preferably even more compact.

So I considered a few options including the Fuji X-100S, and to be very honest I wasn't impressed with the IQ. Quirks aside, the Sigma DP1M and DP2M seemed like the obvious choice, but I didn't want to deal with the huge Foveon files and proprietary software. So I settled for the Ricoh GR. Obviously the IQ isn't as resolving as the Sigma, but it's definitely more resolving than the Fuji and as a bonus, much smaller and lighter too.

I noticed a few other N1 owners, Jared Huntr and Joe Marquez / The Smoking Camera, have recently acquired the GR also.

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