Pentax lenses on par with canon L and nikon pro lenses?

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Re: Pentax lenses on par with canon L and nikon pro lenses?

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Pentax does not have a 70-200 f/2.8 but you can use the Sigma or Tamron. The test Nikon ones is better and so is the Canon but they cost $2000+.

Sadly only the old Tamron is available for Pentax, too bad Tamron is not releasing their new lenses to PK mount, I have them are they are quite a bargain for the performance.

I think he was talking about Tamron not Sigma. However, who needs a 70-200 for APSC when you've got 50-135? 70-200 on APSC is about 100-300.

I'd agree accept there is no new Tamron in the 70-200[cam]=&tx_keproducts_pi6[vc]=false&tx_keproducts_pi6[sp]=false

So there is no 'old' Tamron.

Hence my confusion is he saying only Tamron 70-200 is available in Pentax obviously false, Or is he saying there is a newer Tamron 70-200 not available in Pentax ? again something that seems dubious looking at Tamrons current lens line up.

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