Pentax lenses on par with canon L and nikon pro lenses?

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Re: Pentax lenses on par with canon L and nikon pro lenses?

Peter Lacus wrote:

KL Matt wrote:

What Pentax is lagging behind is the AF motor, screw drive and SDM need to be retired.

Why in the world would they do that? You don't like the pancake DA Limiteds? You do realize they're that small because the lens doesn't have an AF motor in it?

and not just small, but likely more reliable in the long run as well. I fully expect them to work fine 30 years from now, just as 30-years old SMC Pentax lenses are working now. Pity they don't have the aperture rings anymore, though...

If you don't like the screw drive, then you can choose from other lenses with built in motors...

You can still create small reliable lens with USM / HSM motor

I do like the DA Limiteds but screw drive really need to be phased out, rotating focusing ring is really annoying and the screw drive motor noise can be critical is some locations (church/studio recording)

Not to mention it's abysmal for AF-C

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