Michael Reichmann's take on smaller full frame Sony FE mount lenses

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Re: Michael Reichmann's take on smaller full frame Sony FE mount lenses

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My guess is that both Olympus and Panasonic will be looking into the "full frame" market along with the other camera makers. With their experience of making small lenses for m4/3, they would probably be in a good position if the market really takes off. I don't think this will affect their commitment to m4/3 equipment, as long as people keep buying it.

That brings up the dilemma of form-factor, does it not? They could keep it 4:3 and go just a little larger than the 3:2 aspect ratio allows - by fitting the maximum rectangle in the lens projection area. It would make for interesting discussions & comparisons for sure.

One interesting benefit is the removal of corner smearing (if done right) - this FF 4:3 sensor could be designed such that it does not hit the furthest edges, and take from the A7 versus A7 learnings (e.g. limit pixel density to 20Mp).

A lens system is defined by the diameter of its image circle. The diameter, in turn, defines the diagonal of the frame. For the same diagonal, the corners are exactly as far away from the center at an aspect ratio of 4:3 as at 3:2. Consequently, there will be no difference with regard to corner smearing (or corner performance in any other regard).

Perhaps true at the corners itself, but going for 4:3 versus 3:2 reduces the longest edge, which means that the edge issues are somewhat reduced.

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