Wrotniak: IS on E-M1 essentially no better than IS on 2007 E-510

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Re: Wrotniak: IS on E-M1 essentially no better than IS on 2007 E-510

Last but not least, remember that each EV in usable ISO settings replaces one EV in AF effectiveness. With at least two EV gained in ISO since the last E-series SLRs, we already experience an effect equivalent to 2 extra EV in image stabilization. While the hard-tech market, driven by specs and marketing blurb, may be hard to convince, I still think that image stabilization in still photography may be a transitional technology, going soon the way of the dodo.


I'm not sure I agree with that last part. Being able to take (semi) long exposure images hand-held without blur due to camera movement is definitely a strong selling-point for me, and will not be rendered obsolete by better iso performance.

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