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Re: Why ETTR?

letsgofishing wrote:

rare wolf wrote:

[...] I'm surprised you cannot retrieve a little bit of the highlight information that would be lost in the OOC jpg. [...]

Thanks for the reply.

Shooting with an EM5 in RAW only and processing in ACR....

DPreview in the review of the e-M5 states:

"The E-M5 is showing around 2/3EV more highlight range in the JPEGs than the PENs, or indeed the Panasonic G3, bringing it into line with the Sony NEX cameras. This is a significant improvement, and also means that you'll capture additional highlight detail when shooting RAW, unless you habitually override your camera's metering. This change is a sensible way for Olympus to optimize the use of the E-M5's improved sensor."

Therefore, your camera should provide you with some headroom above what the camera implies is the normal exposure (and relative to its histogram).  This kind of thing is of course relative to the subject and DR of the imagery your speak of.  Do you have any examples similar to a white wedding dress next to a black tuxedo?

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