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jpds wrote:


The bottom line is that it's possible. I just used on the GX7 it to make sure I hadn't dreamed it

The only glitch is that it takes a PhD in computer science to set it up, and with that pre-requisite, it is extremely easy

The basics are that you use the same ad-hoc Wifi network as for the Mobile App.

First thing first, make sure that this conectivity is possible, if not tested yet. By creating a new connection to a wireless network on the Mac, using the security dictated by the GX7, in terms of network name (GX7-xyz) and password, i.e. Configure the Mac to the Lumix requirements. That network is distinct from your regular Internet Home network.

Once this is done, you need to configure the security of the file sharing, and this is dictated by the Mac, enable it in your Mac's Preferences. Configure the Lumix to the Mac's requirements. Typically you will use you main user account.

Once the two devices have been fully configured security-wise, first for the Wifi connection, and second for the file transfer, the transfer is just a snap of your fingers.

And fortunately, there is a "favorite" destination memorization.


I can get it work it's just that:

a) It's very slow.

b) It drops out easily

c) The files it saves are either zero bytes (.jpg) or 3-4mb files (.raw) that are corrupt.

I have noticed that the User name must not contain spaces and you NEED a password on your user account (so add one if you don't have one)

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