"The full frame myth"

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Re: "The full frame myth"

Rod McD wrote:

Hi Paul & Andrew,

Sorry, I didn't your posts yesterday.

On speed boosters, I can't say I'm interested. I've seen too many posted images with shoddy corners. It seems to me that speed boosters are a bit like teleconverters. They work, but you lose some IQ.

On using an APSC lens with a TC on a FF body....... interesting thought. I don't know the answer. I imagine that as long as 1) the registration distance of the original lens is designed for the camera and teleconverter, and 2) the rear element of the lens is bigger than the front element of the TC, it should work, but that's just a guess. We need someone with an FF camera to try it out - I haven't bought one yet.

Cheers, Rod

Hi thanks for the answer.

I wasn't suggesting it was 'the solution' only the technical possibility of doing it.

I think there is limited marketability of the idea as most want FF because it's FF and obviously will make them a better photographer rather than any inherent advantage of focal lengths and lens speed.

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