GX7 doesn't feel as solid as GF1

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Re: GX7 doesn't feel as solid as GF1

I don't own a GX7 (yet) but have had a GF1 from release. It's been through some rough tumbles with me while hiking (slipped and almost fell off a cliff, with camera and 14-140 on wrist strap, SLAMMED camera against rock face while saving myself, only scratched camera). It's a solid well built camera. I also have a G5 and a GH1, both feel much less sturdy, but have held up just as well, to just about the same level of abuse. (I take them places where you just can't baby them).

I think we all need to stop going by the "it feels solid" method of judging build quality.

The newer materials (often plastics) are stronger, lighter, and more resistant to permanent damage. (they flex, then flex back, when metal would deform permanently or break).

This perception of solidity is so desirable to consumers that manufacturers are adding useless weights to products to give them a solid "feel." This is NOT what we want! There are even a couple of all plastic lenses that are sleeved in metal to give them more curb appeal.

While I get that (I really love the feel of some of my old manual lenses). I don't want that in my bag dragging my shoulder down all day.

Trust the plastic. Embrace the plastic. Stop begging for 1970's tech. It wasn't really that good, even though it felt nice in the hand.

End rant.


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