"The full frame myth"

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Something that a lot of people overlook, but an advantage to having a larger sensor is that you can choose your resolution. You can shoot in cropped modes when you want to, with all the advantages of the smaller format. You switch up to FF when you want the benefits of the larger sensor. You can't do that with a smaller sensor camera.

Actually you can


exactly the same as using a 1.4 adapter to get aps-c on FF loses a stop

a .7 adapter on aps-c get you a stop and return then lens to it original focal length.

This makes me wonder: if you put a FF teleconverter onto a lens with an APS image circle, can you then use it to make an FF image? Or at least, is it possible to design a TC which will have this property?

I can't see why not the only 'issue' would be in flaring out the image you reduce the resolution and light.

Not sure a da*16-50 could stand the optical load this woudl place on it making it a 24-75 f4 I suspect woudl look expensive/poor compared with real f4 FF offerings.

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