Wedding Photog shoots only JPG, why can't I?

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Re: Wedding Photog shoots only JPG, why can't I?

Apart from the storage issue I see no advantage to shoot Jpg, The photographer you are talking about has no post processing knowledge maybe?!

I will tell you what my workflow is for weddings:

- I shoot all the pictures in Raw ( I use a 5D mk III and both cards are set to RAW, even for backup)

- after the wedding I go and review all the pictures ( even if you shoot in Jpeg you still need to do this), choose the ones that I will give to the client make small tweaks ( I do not post process a lot even if I shoot RAW). Now here comes the nice part: in Lightroom you can apply any camera style to your pictures - so you have the exact output as if you would shoot in camera, with let's say the Portrait style. You can do this in batch, apply to all of the pictures and export in Jpeg if you are happy with your pictures. This way is like shooting in Jpeg, reviewing and cropping your pictures and giving them to the client. And if you find pictures that need saving, you can still do it.

One of the main reasons I like shooting Raw is white balance correction. I rarely find myself correcting exposure as I have some experience. But in a certain scene of the wedding so to say, I like to have a consistent white balance, consistent skin tones and the dress should have the same colour ( these days it's more and more ivory and less white :)). This would be impossible in shooting Jpeg for let's say the moment the bride walks down the aisle. She pases under different types of lights from windows, incandescent bulbs in the church, Iphone flashes from the guests, candles and so on. Raw helps a lot in this cases to keep the scene consistent and not have one blueish one yelowish picture

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