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it would be better not to have such a wifi on gx7. I've spent a lot of time to set up and it is really horror. Those menus, you have to type paswords and connection strings again and again. If you change to transmit smaller jpegs you cannot do that on existing 'normal jpeg' profile cfg. You have to type a new profile once again.. want to upload to lumix club - again.. horrrror,
The only thing it works for me is taking pics remote with android phone. When i want to transfer pic with Image App it fails. Once i succeeded with 1 300px pic. Connecting to PC is sometimes succesfull, it takes about 2 minutes, but usually (with sam profile) not. . Pic transfer to android phone and to PC (if connects at all) fails at all size pcs. ALso method to transfer to select pics one by one is from some other century.

.. otherwise i just luv this cuttie gx7

btw upgraded firmware to 1.2 - nothing better on wifi

sorry i have to post this, perhaps some folks from Panasaonic read this

ciao Iztok

I'm sorry but a lot of this is incorrect.

You don't have to type in the password every time for every different type of Wi-Fi activity (remote shooting, transfer while shooting etc.). Only the first time you set it up. Once you've established your Wi-Fi connection press the Wi-Fi button a choose "Register the current destination to favorite", name it.

Yes - Agree

Next time you want to use it, press Wi-Fi and choose select Wi-Fi destination from favorite. You'll find it in there, your tablet/phone will automatically remember the password and the camera will tell you to start the app. That's it!

Also, to transmit smaller jpegs you don't have to change the GX7 to a shoot in smaller jpeg! If you're using remote shooting from within the app you can choose the quality to transfer. (Menu>Playback Settings>Size:Copy from camera>Large(Original)/Medium/Small). If you're 'tethering' it to your device or using "send images stored in the camera" instead of using remote shooting, you can also choose the quality, but you select it from within the camera Wi-Fi interface. (Once connected press display to choose the quality that will be transferred)

Yes - Agree

I use Wi-Fi EVERYDAY on the GX7, I believe a lot of people haven't taken the time to learn how to use it properly. It is a little confusing at first but once you get to learn it, it works well. Just like learning manual photography.

Here are my Wi-Fi setups:

* Remote Shooting - Setup with my iPad and iPhone direct Wi-Fi. I don't use it much for remote shooting except to transfer a lot of photos, I find it easier to browse and tag the shots I want.

Yes - Agree. This works for me.

* Send Images Stored in Camera - Setup with my iPad and iPhone direct Wi-Fi. I use this to transfer generally 1 shot to my device, or sometimes I'll select multiple and transfer a couple. I regularly toggle between the quality I'm transferring.

No tried as I want to send to my Mac.

* Send Images While Recording - I use this with my iMac and iPhone (iMac is configured to use my home network with the GX7, iPhone is setup for Wi-Fi direct because I generally use it out of the house). I generally use it for tethering type approaches.

Had very mixed results and the only time it worked all the .JPG's where zero bytes and the RAW files where small and corrupt. It was also very slow.

* Send Images Stored in Camera - Setup with my Panasonic TV with my home network. I sometimes use this playback images wirelessly to my TV after returning from shooting. You can slideshow them also.

Haven't got a Panasonic TV

* Send Images Store in Camera - Setup with my home network. I can send directly to my Facebook/Flickr account without even using a phone/tablet/computer.

I am sure this works but I don't want to send to FB / Flickr. I want the images on my Mac

After I had set it all up, none of the above every requires me to input a password again, and it's only failed a couple of times. Generally closing the app and starting it again fixes this.

Honestly the Wi-Fi is a great feature and very usable, you just need to put the time in to learn it and set it up the best way.

I agree BUT many people cannot get it to send images reliably to a Mac. IO have never had half this trouble with Nikon or Canon.

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