GX7 doesn't feel as solid as GF1

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Re: GX7 doesn't feel as solid as GF1

I believe this is something of a perception. Let me explain...

I've owned the GF1 from about month 1 of its release. When I first had the opportunity to hold an OMD EM5 in hands I thought it felt like a toy.

On Christmas last year, I actually upgraded to the EM5, and for half a year, I had the opportunity to realize how wrong I was. The EM5 is a solid camera, some buttons are too small, but it's a choice I never regretted. Unfortunately, it got stolen... And I replaced it with the GX7, the EP5 w/o EVF was my second choice.

No perception of fragility on first contact, it felt good in hand, certainly more "heavy" than I anticipated.

My point is that there may be something about the materials and their ability to change the "factor of form", with a harder, more elastic/resilient material, you may design tinier buttons, thiner levers, that may give a perception of lower strength, but that first impression does not live to the day-to-day experience.



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