Leaning towards buying either a D700 or a 58mm f1.4G

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Lens Suggestion: 60mm f/2.8G

Stacey_K wrote:

I feel I am getting close with the D200 and just have to find the right lens. When I can have room and use the 85, people have been blow away with when I have sent them. A 70mm f1.8 would probably be perfect but alas, it isn't made.. Sometimes the room I have to setup in just isn't big enough to use an 85mm lens and the 50mm f1.8g doesn't really render like I want either. I know the 70mm focal length would be ideal and a 58 is a good bit shorter. One solution would be to rent a 58 and see if it works for me?

The lens of your dreams might just be the 60mm f/2.8G Micro.   It's often overlooked; not sure why: it's an incredible performer.   Why is it awesome?

  • sharp, sharp, sharp, from f/2.8, all across the frame.  No weird CA or contrast fringes, no crazy vignetting, no wild coma--strikingly uniform performance across the frame, over all apertures.
  • it has the fastest AF-S implementation I've ever used in a Nikkor.  I think it's faster than the 70-200 VRII.  It's lightning quick, silent, and smooth.   Frankly, it's Canon quick.  
  • Nano crystal coating.  So, good flare resistance (the design has good flare resistance anyway--small front element, big hood) but also that exceptional, fine micro-contrasty render for which many of the nano-coated Nikkors are known.
  • Great DX focal range for portraits (90mm) but also hugely useful as a tele-tending "normal" for FX.
  • It's a real 1:1 macro lens, so, bonus: getting close to your subject for detail and gesture shots (hands, expressions, jewelry, fashion elements, etc.) isn't a drag--the lens performs brilliantly.
  • It's the lens Nikon uses for many of their own product / technical shots, and it's the "normal" lens they include on the D800E technical guide's "recommended lenses for enhanced sharpness" list.   (The list does not include any of the 50mm G, D, or AI-S lenses.)
  • It's inexpensive: $450 - $500.   Grab one for even less used.

The only Nikon camera I shoot these days is the F6 after flipping to Canon (a 5DIII) for digital work--but the one Nikkor lens I kept?  Yup: the 60G.

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