GX7 doesn't feel as solid as GF1

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Re: GX7 doesn't feel as solid as GF1

New Daddy wrote:

Ever since I got my GX7, I've been in love with it. It ticks almost all the boxes there were not filled by my previous Panasonic m4/3.

Then, just today, I was sorting through my camera drawer and happened to take a good look at GF1. Boy, that is a really awesome-looking camera. And the build - it feels far more solid that GX7! Everyone says how GX7 is the rightful heir to GF1, but I don't know. GX7 has lots of bells and whistles, but its body looks more plasticky. (I tapped my finger on the chassis of each, and while GF1 definitely sounds like metal, I'm not sure about GX7. It may really be GX7.) If Panasonic skimped on the material purely to save cost, it will be a shame.

Speaking of which, how does Olympus E-P5 feel like, build-wise? More metal like GF1 or more plasticky like GX7?

All the Olympus bodies feel quite solid.

I agree the GF1 felt also solid.  So does the GM1.

The GX7 feels too light, not dense enough.  And the shutter is loud.  (Never used the quiet option.)  But the bounce flash is great.

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