Leaning towards buying either a D700 or a 58mm f1.4G

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Re: Leaning towards buying either a D700 or a 58mm f1.4G

Cool, might not hurt to try.

I'll say this: If I were wealthy (I'm not), I'd run with both Canon and Nikon systems. One thing that has always struck me as strange with photographers is how heavily brand-biased they are. Yet if you talk to any professional studio musician, he might play a Fender electric one day, a Gibson electric the other, a Taylor acoustic one day, and a Martin the next. They're just tools to him. I totally get that camera gear is crazy expensive and you tend to be wed to one systems user interface and ways they do things so that shooting becomes second nature, but I still think if I were rich, I'd use my Nikon gear for studio and landscape, and probably theater, but for event/wedding, I'd have a Canon 1DX or two hanging around my neck and perhaps a 5D-III as well. Best tool for the job and all that.

If you do end up trying a D700, definitely check out downloading the D2X picture control as well as the "portrait" picture control, and perhaps spend some time with the picture control utility. One big hint with ALL modern Nikons and the picture control settings is to knock that "brightness" parameter down to -1 (negative 1); the default settings of the brightness control often result in over-cooked and somewhat hot skin tones, which are the antithesis of what we were used to in the D2X/D200 days.


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