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Re: B&W- old masters style….http://1.static.img-dpreview.com/files/p/TS560x560~forums%2F52763308%2F0

watchfull wrote:

You have a point….look at Jim's photo in this post, more "range" between whites and blacks….there is an actual black and close to pure white (clouds)…..

Yes Jim's photo has black in it, but no more so than the photo I posted. The clouds in Jim's photo aren't very close to white. The sky at the horizon in my photo is brighter and so closer to white than any of Jim's clouds. Jim's photo does reach pure white in patches of snow on the mountains. My photo likewise reaches pure white (not quite as much as Jim's) in the brightest patch of sun on the tree.

If you're suggesting that Jim's photo contains a greater range between whites and black than the photo I posted, you're wrong. Here's a comparison of the two histograms:

So if you're missing something that you think was apparent in the work of older photographers I'm not sure "range" is the word you're looking for. We are of course limited here to only what can be displayed using an 8 bit image via the internet. Darkroom and ink prints complicate the issue a little but unfortunately we can't compare those back and forth over the internet.

Here's that same photo processed with just a tad less contrast (same range) and a tad brighter. Maybe contrast is the word you're looking for.

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