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Re: Dropping out, not on.

Guy Parsons wrote:

captura wrote:

Guy Parsons wrote:

captura wrote:

Which Guy was this guy, Guy?


Koalas are not very bright so that one was trying to climb what it thought was a tree, and that is why it sat like a stunned mullet because the tree ran away.

They fight back if cornered and annoyed but that was clearly a tree climbing effort. It has to climb a tree so as to be able to drop on people.

Regards.... Guy

So then it becomes drop bear. Did you ever have one drop on you?

Not so far.

Koalas get noisy at night and have never heard any in the bushland behind my house, but have been heard in other parts of my suburb. More common away from "civilisation" where there's less dogs and cats and more trees of the right type.

Have seen only a few funnel web spiders in my 72 years, seen a few deadly snakes (the major concern) in my yard, never been near a wild crocodile (not to be smiled at) and I keep out of the water as those box jellyfish and sharks are not so nice.

The most likely cause of my future death is not the wildlife but being bored to death by the lousy TV programs or being tied to the tracks of my garden railway.

Regards...... Guy (pause now while I drive to my daughter's place)

Watch out for this: "a Chicago BEAR drives a JEEP," don't get in his way as you're driving!


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