B&W- old masters style…..

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Re: B&W- old masters style…..

watchfull wrote:

IMHO, and I am not an expert…..a lot of grey. I like more range between really Whites and really blacks…….just my erosional preferences…..:-)

More range between white and black?

Well, black and white are fixed immoveable positions so you can't alter the range between them. You can't get blacker than black or whiter than white; at least not in the digital world where black is defined as 0 and white as 255.

It is true that when making physical darkroom prints a minor variation did exist between paper types such that different papers reached somewhat different DMAXs and of course some paper bases aren't as white as others. That same variation exists with inkjet prints and DMAX and DMIN values are comparable to silver prints.

The photo I posted extends across the entire range from full black to white and so it would be physically impossible to extend it's range any further. It must be something else you're missing; maybe contrast?

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