Leaning towards buying either a D700 or a 58mm f1.4G

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or maybe a 35-70 f2.8D?

Nikonparrothead wrote:

Actually the D200 is a CCD based camera and the D700 is CMOS based (I've owned both) and the color won't b similar. You should be able to set up the Jpegs to have a similar color profile (the same is true for the D7000 or D600 or D610).

I tried a -lot- of adjustments to the D7K and never got the color OOC I wanted. Close but when people of different skin types were shot, I'd have to change picture controls (or PP) to get this other skin type right OOC. I am OCD when it comes to color/skin tones and the D200 really does a great job on a wide variety of skin types for me. To be able to simply crop and save shots without dealing with PP color adjustments on hundreds of individual shots is a key factor for me.

I agree the 58 is pretty $$$ and might not even be the solution.

One other solution that would allow me to continue using my D200 (and have to deal with sensor change from what I know works well for me), is a 35-70 F2.8D. I gain a stop less DOF over the sigma I own and from what I've read, this lens is pretty nice. On the long end = 105mm on FX which is a nice focal length. For a few hundred I can get a nice one from KEH. Still might need to use the 85mm for head shots (or maybe not) but maybe this lens would give some flexibility in framing that I am looking for?

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