Michael Reichmann's take on smaller full frame Sony FE mount lenses

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Re: the line must be drawn here!! our last stand!

dennis tennis wrote:

Let me summarize our beloved four third consortium.

1: Our 4/3 DSLR is designed from the ground up for digital, our lenses are smaller (cough cough), our bodies are smaller (cough cough) our lens are telecentric (true). FF and APS-C are "dinosaurs, extinction just around the corner", ahem ahem cough cough

which equivalent lens from an APS-C/FF camera is smaller ?

can you show me a 150mm f1.8 (or f2) lens as small as the 75mm f1.8

have you seen the canon 135mm ?

2: Our mFT bodies are smaller (cough cough) oops,APS sized NEX bodies are smaller. Oh wait

actually they are all smaller

3: Our mFT lenses are so much smaller (please ignore the fact that they process much less light, please ignore this).

they don't

you are getting confused

for DOF to FF you multiply by two, but for meter readings, f2.8n on M4/3s is the same reading as f2.8n on FF

4: Now that we have our beloved GH3 and EM1 bigger than a FF mirrorless, we're getting nervous. Please please, what would happen if they're able to make lens and sensor that can handle the light angle challenges? What if Canon and Nikon wait and learn from Sony, increase the flange focal distance a bit, give that sensor more room to have IBIS? What if Sigma actually release an 16-20 f2 zoom!

the e-M1 competes with a 5Diii

but its lighter with the 12-40mm then a canon 24-70mm lens on its own, and wait, the E-M1 is lighter then every xD, xxD and most of the xxxD

This is sad, a bunch of supposed photo enthusiast praying and hoping that some innovations will not comne true so they can justify what? You've spent a few thousand dollars on some camera and lenses. If there is a great break through, sell your gear and get the better one. Do you buy the same car brand over and over?

now your statements have been disproved, will you say sorry ?

Definitiion of a fanboy?

Irrationally hoping that his brand will have great innovations that will remain with his brand, and hoping that the other brands does nothing forever and ever.

well the E-M1 is the lightest full metal camera out there, its lighter then virtually all Nikon and Canon DSLRs. It has a better EVF then virtually all of the OVFs and many other things if you had even read a review of it

Do you have hospital loyalty. Oh, my Mom died of cancer but she was treated at our hospital. Now, my wife has same cancer, there are rumors that the other hospital in town has a new treatment, you're going to say "No way, it is impossible for another hospitbal to have a treatment for this cancer. I'm not a cancer expert, but if my Mom died with this cancer, my wife will also die with this cancer.

in very bad taste

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