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Re: Shotcents,

The reality, I believe, is that everyone agrees that the differences at ISO 3200 or 6400 are small. I also agree with that and a D800 file is very flexible.

Glad to see you've come to your "cents's" and are no longer claiming that the D4/Df "clobber" the D800 at ISO 6400.

LOL. I think the reality is that we've had stunning IQ since the release of the D3/D700/D300/5DII cameras. Since that time the improvements have been small for general shooting.

Thus we reset our criteria and small improvements are all that's left. Who would ever have thought of a camera like the D4/Df allowing for a reasonable print at ISO 12800. The technology is truly amazing, even artful.

1) Providing ultra clean low light shots with little to no real PP. (Same claims for their D4s for the most part, while cursing the size/weight)

Typically requires less PP than a D800 file might but, in really low light, even the D4 needs a little PP help Now and then.

I agree. But I'd like to point out that, on a job, I was not thrilled with my D800 results at ISO 6400, especially in a church setting, while my friends D4 was wowing me with minimal work on his part at higher ISOs. As I said, the tests posted here rarely show the real performance you'll see from these cameras in a variety of settings.

2) Providing a superior platform for their manual lenses. Now, my friends are not in full agreement on this, but the general concensus is that the Df has an edge. I believe it's very small.

I agree - I tried one at a local shop out of curiosity and didn't really see a difference. This is an area that Nikon could have done more with - a split prism or options for replaceable screens. Personally, it's not an issue for me as I don't have any MF glass (and as a D4/D800E owner, have no need for a Df)

Yup. And the dopey move of leaving out the AF assist light...yikes. They really should have left that aboard as it does come in handy at times. One of my friends is MAINLY furious that there's no lever on the power switch! I think the Df could use a Dfs model next year to work out the kinks. I'll toss Nikon some more money and trade up when it happens.

3) Enjoyable handling. I think, while this is mostly subjective, the majority of shooters are finding the Df a lot of fun to shoot with. How does this NOT improve the shooting experience?

I didn't care for it, but it's subjective as you said. As I shoot mainly in A or M modes, the front/back main command/subcommand dial setup is easier/faster than dealing with a top dial to change SS. What I'd really like to see on the higher end bodies are external controls to directly access to multiple user-defined set-ups (to capture all settings including AF settings) - the settings banks don't really cover it well.

A bit more time using the cam might change your mind, but maybe not.

4) LCD is better. Hmmmm. I see no evidence of this, but two people I trust are swearing it's better than D4/D800. I don't see how.

hard to believe that Nikon would not claim this but, as a newer model, it's possible they made improvements they didn't feel were worth mentioning.

I'll test carefully against my D800. Nikon is also not announcing that they've improved the D4 sensor either.

5) Better white balance. Hmmmm again. We'll see, but a few people here are claiming the same.

Maybe - people claim the D610 is better too - if true, then a FW update will be coming for the current models too.

Hope so! I don't love the WB on my D800.

Look for my childishly frantically excited posts on Xmas day. I won't have much time for shooting until the day after. My kid is getting an Xbox 1 and a laptop, so I'll be busy spending time where it counts the most.

enjoy your Df - I'm sure you'll love it and certainly won't be disappointed by it's IQ based on my experience with my D4. As I see a tree in your picture, I'll go the non-PC route: Merry Christmas!

Thank you, sir. We're not a religious family; the tree is for fun and on the same level as the pumpkins we carve every year. But I appreciate the sentiment and Merry Christmas to you too!


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