The best DX camera in the world

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Re: The best DX camera in the world

Patco wrote:

28to70 wrote:

Yes there will be a D400 FX. I have already told Nikon that the price should be $1995.00.

I also told them to have 2 CF card slots and 16 megapixels.

Sorry, but I've already told Nikon the FX D400 will be 56MP and have 2 SD slots. And mirrorless.

56 MP, now we are getting greedy!  I have 3 Nikons at 6, 10 and 12 Megapixels, and I'm still surprised at the D70's 30X40's I have had made.  56 megapixels will clog my I5 2500 computer with too much cholesterol. I actually prefer the heftiness of CF cards.

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