SX-50 and SX-130 in the Philippines Disaster Zone - Request for Help!

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SX-50 and SX-130 in the Philippines Disaster Zone - Request for Help!

Palo church near Tacloban, Leyte island

A photo essay from my wife and my recent independent visit as an ordinary couple to help in Tacloban.

Anyone interested in helping us fund reconstruction, please see:

Join “Jo and Bruce in the ” here:

Thank you.




You may not know us, but we are an ordinary British couple who were available in late November and flew from the UK to the disaster zone in the Philippines. These photos[1]

are just some of the thousand or so we took during our trip[2].

We return to the Philippines in late January to facilitate the rebuilding of a target of 1,000 homes at a materials cost of an average of £300 ($500) per home. We have already supplied two chainsaws, and salaried chainsaw operators, to convert fallen coconut lumber (there are thousands of fallen palm trees) into planks and beams. Our purchases on our first trip (chainsaws, petrol generators, water purification kits, solar panels, tarpaulins) were funded by private donations and the help of Lighthouse International Church in Southampton and Soul Survivor Church in Watford, for which many thanks.

We will use future monies raised to purchase another couple of chainsaws to produce yet more timber, and also galvanised iron sheets, nails, and plywood for the local churches to distribute to families in need, irrespective of any beliefs the recipients may hold.

Our base church is Palo Christian Church, 10 miles south of the city of Tacloban on Leyte Island - Palo was 'ground zero' for the typhoon. We will give the aid purchased to the local presbyter, Pastor Cito, who via his network of pastors will oversee its distribution, and the production of timber, so as to directly benefit the most needy families in the area. This network extends across Leyte and the whole of southern Samar, and covers a large proportion of the most badly damaged areas in the Philippines.

We are accountable to the largest Assemblies of God church in the Philippines (Pastor Nonoy, Word of Hope, Quezon City, Manila) who has approved of this project.

We are a zero overhead organisation and we personally will pay for our international flights, food etc…. When we are out there, we sleep on the church floor and live off the same primarily rice and tinned sardine diet as do the others who have had to make the church their home!

You can contact Bruce via email or mobile +44 77380 94309. We have a Facebook page (a work in progress, and thanks to our daughter, Becca):

Join “Jo and Bruce in the ” here:

Please feel free to pass this email onto any of your friends, family or contacts.

Please help in any way you can.

Thanks you for reading this,

Jo & Bruce Pullman

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