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I find my myself getting more and more frustrated with the good people at Nikon. The disasterous financial results of this week illustrate that they are perhaps not bringing out the products that people want to buy and there is a good reason for this. I am sick to the back teeth of mirrorless this and retro that - what is the point? Limited appeal and expensive development costs - not a great idea for a company needing some growth. I do have a clue for the Nikon R&D division though - bring us the best DX format DSLR in the world!

When I moved to Nikon from Canon, I did so because of the magnificent D300, which was way ahead of the competition at the time. Not all photographers desire full frame and DX much better suits their type of photography. The D7100 is a great camera, but the extremely poor buffer is a real drawback and the smaller body size is a turn off for many.

I am absolutely certain that Nikon can no longer overlook the fact that the best DX DSLR in the world would be the most cost effective, most profit bearing and most eagerly anticipated product that they could possibly bring to the market. In short, stop messing aroung and get the D400 out there and make some profit!! In view of the financial news earlier this week, you can no longer afford to delay this model any further.

Yours frustratedly

Nikon Convert

Yes there will be a D400 FX.  I have already told Nikon that the price should be $1995.00.

I also told them to have 2 CF card slots and 16 megapixels.

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