GX7 WiFi observation

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Re: GX7 WiFi observation

Totally agree. The iPad control solution is awesome. I have never regretted selling all my Nikon gear and buying my Pana GX1's, GH-3 and GX-7.

I just think that by adding ftp and very very simple USB tethering which everyone has done for years they would make the system almost complete.

With Pro's looking seriously at M4/3 they would really struggle use them in a studio with these simple limitations.

I was doing some Macro stuff the other day with my GX-7. I had to take it off the tripod to get the card out every time…..painful.

Maybe the market is only pro-sumer or Pro's that don't shoot in a studio, it just seems that a few simple Pro features are missing. I won't ever start about mains adapters for the GH-3 if you're doing time lapse etc. If you're charging prices that are approaching Pro levels you need to offer these features.

It's one thing having awesome products but sometimes they lack simple things that costs nothing to implement (like USB tethering, changing the image numbering prefix etc)

I buy loads of cameras for work and we HAVE to use Canon and Nikon as we need mains power and USB tethering or WiFi that just works at switch on. It's a missed opportunity IMHO

Still for my own use (consumer) I wouldn't use anything else. My Pana's have opened up a new world of photography for me because of their size, flexibility etc.

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