Who Here Uses Focus/Recompose with X Cameras?

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Re: Who Here Uses Focus/Recompose with X Cameras?

nixda wrote:

AustinB wrote:

Or do you prefer to set your focus points manually? I don't do much still life, and shoot lots of candid people shots. I'm finding the X-E1 EVF is lagging a little, and changing focus points is not as efficient as it was on past cameras I've had. For that reason I tend to prefer F/R, despite the issues it can present in any camera.

FWIW, I know the arguments against the technique with particular regards to DOF and focus accuracy. Just wondering what people's experiences and preferences are here?

I do use F/R sometimes, but only when there is no danger of the shifting focus plane affecting the image. For precise work I set the focus point explicitly. Also, for tripod shooting.

Regarding efficiency of setting the focus point, I cannot really see how it can be much more efficiently implemented than it currently is, except perhaps for having keys to move the box diagonally in addition to horizontally and vertically. What did you have in mind?

Try a Panasonic or Oly m4/3s camera that selects multiple focus points and then computes some kind of average... All instantaneously. Why does Fuji limit itself to a single focus point?

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