X-E2 8 vs 12 vs 14 bit

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X-E2 8 vs 12 vs 14 bit

I read a few posts over the last few days saying that the jpg out of camera of the X-E1 are superior to anything coming out of the X-E2, including RAW !!???

So, here we go, the jpg have a colour debth of 8-bit, the E1 RAW files run at 12-bit, this is 2x2x2x2=16 times more information per colour channel. In RAW the files are therefore far more "elastic" regarding shadow and highlight recovery.

OK, the E1 has a debth of 4096 "steps" per colour channel whereas the E2 has 16384 "steps". The file size of the jpg is typically between 1.700 and 2.500 KB on my computer. The E1 RAW file is 25.534 KB (fixed!) and the E2 file size is a bit more inconsistent around 32.500 and 33.100 KB.

According to some, there is no difference in quality, in fact the E2 files are inferior. I had a look through the first few hundred E2 files, some jpg files out of camera etc. but could so far not find any evidence for the inferior E2 files. So I thought I should try some high contrast shot and see what one can do in RAW.

I only had my E2 with me at Auckland museum yesterday but took some high contrast pictures, artistic value of no concern to me, so not trying to win any prizes with that shot. But what I did find is that there seems to be a tad more flexibility in those E2 files, I found that if I wanted to I could push the files to new limits, not necessarily a bad thing since I like to take nightshots where contrast can be extreme.

So here are some conversions:

Original shot against the light

Shadow recovery in Capture One 7 @65%

Shadow recovery *.jpg in Capture One @ maximum 100%

I remember the days when it was near impossible to get non-grainy details out of shadow areas that were this dark.

I am sure that jpgs taken during normal office hours are totally acceptable, but to suggest that E1 jpgs are in fact superior??

Maybe one of those guys who claims the E1 jpg are the pinnacle of what is technically possible these days could post some examples where the jpg is in fact better, maybe it is just bad technique on my part.



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