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Re: XA-1 Owners Only .....Are...

you happy with your decision that you purchased the XA-1 and did not spend the extra money for a XM-1?

Would you make that same choice again?

Yes, quite happy. At normal sized viewing on my 24" Cinema Display and on my iPad 4, I cannot see much difference between the X-A1 and X-M1. I'd rather spend the money on lenses.

The IQ is definitely a notch above my m43 cameras, and I prefer the menus of the X-series cameras much more than any of the Pannys or Olys that I've owned.

I consider the X-A1 to be the gateway drug into the X-series. It's a great, affordable way to get a foothold into the system in order to test the waters.

So far I like it more than m43 but there's still a lot of room for improvement such as: faster AF, better face detection, a more robust flash system, more ergonomic bodies, etc. These will all come in time as the system matures.

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