AF phenomenon on the 70D: Can anyone explain?

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Re: AF phenomenon on the 70D: Can anyone explain?

With me - definitely not! I'm merely scientifically interested, but I stated in my very first post that in everyday life, this exact setup does not occur with me. At least, I can't imagine a use at the moment - I'm rather into landscapes (higher f-stops), animals (got a 100-400, so no big apertures possible) and nature.

BUT: I wanted to prove the problem to be there when I read about it in the German forums. So I created the setup. The rumors around the bug came from people, however, who actually use big apertures on big distances. One guy for example shoots concerts or indoor children theatre with big apertures in low light. He's quite frakked with his 50 / 1.4 and 85 / 1.8.

Another example that might one day hit me over the head was a guy who shoots distant animals with his 70-200 / 2.8 IS II, a very common usage that I could imagine for myself one day (when I can afford the lens). f2.8 brought up the problem with his 70D, too.

If I went out now, doing my stuff, I promise you, there wouldn't be a problem. But that doesn't mean my brand new camera doesn't have it. So why shouldn't I complain to Canon? The warranty will be gone next November. But according to German law, there's a reversion of proof (or whatever that is in English) after 6 months, so I would have to prove that the problem was there from the beginning. Hence, I'll talk to Canon in January, I guess.

Or wouldn't you?

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