On Sharpness, ISO and Shutter Speed

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let's see a flipping mirror full frame tripod photo

Chris Malcolm wrote:Of course the much bigger and more violent shutter and mirror machinery of full frame DSLRs is a more serious problem. I'm surprised more people haven't remarked on that as a reason to prefer APS-C.

Anders W wrote: I understand what you mean. Nevertheless, it doesn't seem to work that way in practice.

This sounds like you are referring to your own practice, hence you would have plenty of examples available.

Anders W: While I am certainly not saying that FF DSLRs or DSLRs in general are free from the problem, it appears, if anything, to be worse with small and light mirrorless cameras

Then it will be falling off a log for you to show us the full frame flipping-mirror DSLR photo, that you took, say one that was taken on a portable tripod, a real photo not some test setup, with or without a remote shutter release or self-timer, of normal to portrait angle of view, that represents the lesser vibration problem of that type of larger flipping-mirror rig that you describe.

Make sure it's a long exposure, say 1 second like the one below, let's not muddy the waters by you posting an electronic flash photo at 1/8000th of a second or whatever.

Feel free to show us something from a much finer lens and aperture setting than the $50 dollar e.bay Alpha mount plastic kit zoom at F/13 used for this small-cam mirrorless APS-C example. Be nice if your example was from a sensor with an anti-aliasing filter, to further level the playing field.

My own experience is that this kind of close-to-sensor-theoretical clarity is attained less often on the average with full-frame or larger, flipping-mirror camera setups. Alpha mount 18-55 kit zoom, 1 second exposure.

Wish had used something less than ISO 800 for this 1/30th second exposure. But then it was with a mint 1985 Tokina SD 70-210, the world's first ultra compact telephoto zoom, that's just no good wider than F/8.

Darn it, moire becomes a (admittedly and literally tiny) problem when there's no flipping mirror to soften things up a bit. Older-tech Nex 5 sensor.

Few days ago with more modern Nex C3 sensor, 1/4 second exposure, 1200 gram tripod, cheap Minolta 50/1.7 AF lens.

Looking for presence or absence of single-pixel-wdith features.

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