Informal X1-X2 Comparison

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Re: Informal X1-X2 Comparison

Hi guys/dkatlanta,

I was thinking about purchasing my first serious camera, either a new Leica X1 at a cheaper price than when it was first released or the new X2 ($280 difference). I came across this thread whose shots were the most informative until now.

I wonder after about a year and a half, how do you feel about either? I noticed that you and most people commented on the X1 shots being better than the X2, although I felt that the X2 had more intense reds (the parquet in the first shot) but yet more cool blues while keeping the warm reds and yellows? The X1 felt more like there was a yellow screen over the picture, such as in the coffee carton cup picture and the computer picture? If you notice the envelope on the right, colours are more intense with the X2. What would you say?

At other websites I thought the X1 skin tones are way better than the Fuji X100 that were white and flat. How do the X1 and X2 compare in this respect?

Anyone with any thoughts/experience please pitch in

Many thanks

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