Who Here Uses Focus/Recompose with X Cameras?

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Re: Who Here Uses Focus/Recompose with X Cameras?

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I just got an x-e1 and its my first camera other than my phone.

I'm just shifting the focus to my subject once I compose, but i find it a bit clunky for sure. Can you explain what the focus+recompose method is?

Hi Spud, simply focus on the desired target with a half press of the shutter, keep the half press while you reposition your subject in the frame, and then complete the deed by fully pressing the shutter. FYI, the technique can be faulty if you are working with a shallow DOF, or with wide lenses, to my knowledge. But I'm shooting with the 35 1.4. Oh...And if you have the time or are shooting still life/portraits, always set the focus point manually.

I'm finding that the X-E1 does F/R really well, experimenting around the house today. Other cameras I've used tend to lose the initial focus point, while the X-E1 seems to keep it sharp in the frame. This is a relief after shooting in a crowd today and fumbling the focus point around while losing shots.

I don't understand why it should be different for different cameras/lenses. How can the focus point be lost? The shift in the focus plane upon F/R is dictated by basic laws of geometry that surely don'y differ from camera to camera.

It will differ from camera to camera based on sensor/frame size. The smaller the sensor, the larger the DOF, thus the more you can move your camera before your subject is OOF while using the same aperture as a larger sensor camera. As for lenses, the wider your lens the more you can move it off center.

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