What I want from upcoming alpha APS-C camera (Jan.2014)

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What I want from upcoming alpha APS-C camera (Jan.2014)

At this moment A7/R "hysteria" is on its decline and we are seeing more reasonable opinions stating that for most users APS-C camera will be a better bet. Some users compared A7/R side by side with NEX-6/7 and came to a conclusion that while A7/R holds edge in IQ, the difference is small. Some differences like DR is even hardly noticeable in most shots side by side. For me A7/R is still a niche camera: expensive, with expensive lenses, and most importantly bigger body - which contradicts with the principle of compactness, I think A7/R is compact compared to Canikon, but still big compared to NEX-6/7 especially given that they have same e-mount and both have EVF.

So I would welcome Sony to make a following camera (all points (except new sensor) are already done by Sony in different cameras - so all they need to do is combine them together):

1. NEX-6/7 like body with EVF in corner (inline with top plate) and of course alpha menu

2. Just a little improvement in sensor, like 0.3 stop would be fine and removal of AA filter for extra sharpness - in my opinion all this would get IQ as close to FF as it ever was - or almost indistinguishable in most applications while keeping small size and native APS-C lenses.

3. A little improvement in AF would be very welcome - I think (and I'm not alone here) that AF is already good, but a small improvements would make it really fun in real life and possibly would make it acceptable for sports/action (hopefully), after all NEX-6 and A7 is not too far behind in terms of AF speed needed for sport photography for enthusiasts (I'm not talking about Pro's here).

4. Given all experience with NEX-5/6/7 and A7/R and even fixed lens cameras like RX1 - it would be reasonable for us to expect Sony do not make same mistakes again - count all flaws that were previously made in those cameras, improve some options and quirks that users complained about and make it right this time and there you will have it - a perfect APS-C camera ever created.

5. Make at least same option as for A7/R to have uncompressed HDMI video output (I'm not asking for 4K here, just descent 1080p) or better make RX10 like video standard - we need to step up in video IQ, otherwise it will be same low bit-rate 3 year old tech - which is nonsense in our fast paced technology world.

(Optional). A revision of pricing for some lenses (expensive ones) would be nice or maybe possibility of introducing good bundles with new body - best way to save on lenses. Also please discount NEX-7 after releasing new camera and price new one accordingly - remember that FF A7 is $1699 so new APS-C camera shouldn't be higher than $1199 with kit lens.

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