Stylus 1 as good as E-M1 with 40-150

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Ben O Connor
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Re: Stylus 1 as good as E-M1 with 40-150

Sharing opinions...

As a pre-stylus 1 (xz-1) user and currently holding a second-gen PEN (E-PM1) with 30mm f 2.8 fixed lens, I can say that Stylus might beat this combo by its;

  • Handheld IS
  • Pocketability

But if your concerns are

  • Image size
  • resolutions & detail
  • DOF (bookeh! Trust me, even XZ-1 ´s razor sharp f 1.8 can´t beat the sigma)
  • better video
  • possibility to improove your optics (there are lenses out there with  F 0,95 !!)

Dude.... PEN, I don´t know the first-gen (E-P1-P2-PL1-PL2) but the second-gen (E-P3, PL3, PM1) are preety good on the second list!

But then the most importand issue as a hobbyist member Kirppu on the forum and also for me too nowadays


My E-PM1 and 30mm sigma together (brand new) costed at 269 euros ! In this part of the world XZ-2´s actual price is 279euros right now! While stylus 1 is 600 euros !!!!!

There is a PEN lens which is not optically superb, but filling exactly the same optical range with a 14-150mm (28-300mm) with a 399euros...

Long story short; my concern is:

Versatility: STYLUS 1

Felxibility: PEN



ps: I personally not a fan of "my cam beat your cam !!!!" conversations because, end of the day its all about "my photos beat your photos !!!" is not it

but anyway olympus beat fujifilm !!!!! cheers Aaron.

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