a7r shutter "problem" - some perspective.

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a7r shutter "problem" - some perspective.

Unfortunately on the internet hysteria rules and things start to take on a life of their own.

So far I have seen pictures of a sign taken at distance outdoors, phones taped to cameras etc. These experiments are simply that, experiments, with far too many external influences to make them meaningful and representative. No disrespect to those undertaking these exercises to try and bring clarity, but unfortunately they are clouding the issue further.

As for the digilloyd coverage on the issue, his summary is this. "If you want pixel level sharpness with long lenses then you need to keep your camera steady"

Somehow this is being treated as a revelation, as a specific Sony a7r problem.

No it is not. Sony have provided a super light, super quality imaging system in the a7 series of cameras. No other camera offers the resolution to weight potential of this combo.

However, physics is physics, less mass = increased potential for  vibration when using tripod and telephotos, and 36mp with no AA, and the flawed obsession with pixel level 100 percent viewing means that there is the potential to see problems that are not real world at real viewing distances / print sizes.

If the most important thing for you is reducing vibration for telephoto work all the time then this can be achieved by carrying a full sized DSLR/SLT body around, I picked up my a77+16-50 2.8 for the first time last night after 2 weeks of a7r use and was shocked at how heavy it felt . It just seemed...ridiculous really.

On the other hand, if tripod and telephoto critical sharpness is just one of your photography requirements, then the a7r lets you choose. Just like hanging a bag to the tripod, hang your bag to the tripod mount on the a7r for those times when you need extra damping with those long lenses.

Similarly, If fast pdaf focusing is important , buy the le-a4 adaptor. It's a modular system, you choose what is important and appropriate for your type of photography, on that particular day, rather than carrying it all around , all the time.

I am now trying to cut down my kit to the a7r and fe35 as a do everything combo, it is like having a 2.8 zoom as there is so much cropping potential, easily taking me up to usable 100mm range pictures, plus the super compact minolta a mount 135/2.8 and the le-a4 which with cropping takes me past 200mm. Low light? I have the sony a mount 50 1.4, it's super light weight and therefore makes sense to carry it just in case.This whole setup is almost micro 4/3 like in mass and volume, but with FF image quality. Add a travel tripod and maybe a small strobe and you have a quality to weight ratio that is unrivalled by any other system on the market. Or just take the a7r+fe35 and you have a setup the size of a small bridge camera.

Let's enjoy what is the most significant camera in years.

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