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Re: GX7 WiFi observation

MrWalrusGumboot wrote:

I use GH3 and GX7 wifi all the time. It is fast transfer, fast to select and sends RAW files with no problems whatsoever. I rarely take the SD out if the cameras these days.

I don't know what the problem you are having is but there is nothing inherent in the camera that will cause it. I have a wirelesss SD card in my E-PL5 but rarely use it becaue it is slow compared to the cameras.

I use a PC so maybe it is a Mac issue but I wouldn't think so because wifi performance with my iPad is excellent.

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My experience is the same as yours and I use a Mac.
I even use it for tethering and Lightroom auto loads the folder I tether to.
I also use it on my iPhone and iPad no probs.
I have GH3, GX7 and GM1 and the experience is the same on all 3.
Let the light guide you...

Funnily enough I have tried it again and got images across but with the permission issue again and it was slow.

Panasonic should be ashamed of themselves for they "joke" of a solution. I have a lot of experience in setting up WiFi with cameras going back almost ten years and I struggle to get it working. What chance does the person in the street have.

It's stupid things like this that ensure Panasonic (and others) don't get seen as proper alternatives to DSLR's.

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