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Re: GX7 WiFi observation

bluelemmy wrote:

I use GH3 and GX7 wifi all the time. It is fast transfer, fast to select and sends RAW files with no problems whatsoever. I rarely take the SD out if the cameras these days.

I don't know what the problem you are having is but there is nothing inherent in the camera that will cause it. I have a wirelesss SD card in my E-PL5 but rarely use it becaue it is slow compared to the cameras.

I use a PC so maybe it is a Mac issue but I wouldn't think so because wifi performance with my iPad is excellent.

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It's a Mac issue and this is because Panasonic decided to use SMB protocol which recently changed on Apple equipment due to licensing issues I think.

Canon and Nikon use industry standard transfer and have done for almost 10 years. They work in the same way that web transfer works and as such are not reliant on SMB and other technologies that are liable to change etc.

Ad-Hoc mode is unreliable (due to the nature of what it is) and with Canon and Nikon you usually run in "infrastructure" mode where you specify an SSID for the WiFi and an IP address for the computer. The computer then runs a simple FTP program. Most of these are Free and I think that the Mac one is built into the OS.

This is the way in which Canon and Nikon have done this since 2005 and continue to work in this way. Images get sent in the background and if the WiFi setting is on in the menu will even resume after power on and off without having to do anything. They must be getting something right….

I can pickup a Nikon start shooting and know the images will come straight back to my Mac every time.

For the Pro's WiFi is usually used in a Studio where an image is taken and then it appears on your computer screen or large display for the photographer / client to see.  Or a Pro could use it by the side of a football pitch and images shoot straight back to the picture desk anywhere in the world.

The other way which has been around since the dawn of time is tethering with a cable whilst this has obvious issues is is very fast. Nearly all DSLR's for the last 10+ years have supported this yet simple thing is omitted! Why I am at a loss to know.

Don't get me wrong I think both cameras are awesome but it's a bit like having a new car without electric windows for what we use it for. These cameras have some awesome features and produce stunning images but it just Wireless has been seriously overlooked.It seems like a consumer version and not a Pro version has been implemented.

If you are going to aim the cameras at Pro's then they need simple features that are available on low end cameras.

The smartphone / iPad stuff is great but I want my images on my Mac!

There is a work around and if you run VMWare or Parallels on your Mac then I believe you can shoot to a shared folder and then this will show on your Mac. Crazy work around but I believe it does work.

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