"The full frame myth"

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Re: "The full frame myth"

325East wrote
Posting a digital representation of the test image you must know would be meaningless

Maybe for you it would be. I would certainly never place bets on other people seeing important influencing factors in a digital image such as the dynamic range of the scene, dark shadows, presence or lack of fine detail, etc. The point was not to compare the prints on screen, the op has already compared the prints and I believe him when he says it was a wash. The point for me was to know more about the scene. Merely knowing it was a building does not tell me if this image required the cameras to represent the most challenging types of subjects for digital cameras or whether the scene was a verritable walk in the park for all the cameras. But thank you for your presumptuousness.

since the purpose of the exercise was to see if normal prints made from the various formats would seem similar or dissimilar to viewers. What the exercise proved, at least to my satisfaction, was that with modern well engineered cameras format whether full or cropped makes negligible real world difference. Where differences start to show up is in 100% or greater magnification but on many levels this is barely real world photography.

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