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lbj1891 wrote:

I'm asking about this because I haven't been able to find an adequate answer else where. What components or dynamics of a lens construction accounts for color rendition? I used a friends old school 35-70/2.8 lens for a shoot of my school's basketball game and it produced colors not seen with the 18-55 kit lens.

How do we account for the different looks or colors of each lens? Can anyone discern a difference? Am I crazy?

I don't see anything wrong with any of the 3 photos. #1 and #3 have dark-skinned subjects, and that often affects the way the photos need to be exposed. The background colours look normal to me. Difficult to comment on #2 since only you know what the original looks like, and there are no comparison shots.

What settings did you use for colour balance? That could be a factor in a gym.

Colour is a personal thing; my wife often comes with me on photo-expeditions and does C&C on my results, including colour. I mostly look at the results on a large monitor which I have calibrated, and I show the best photos on the large HDTV. We think that the rendition is OK, and it's independent of the lens used. Any that I print, I adjust slightly (e.g. Picasa Highlights tool) since the printed versions are somwhat darker without it.

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