Who Here Uses Focus/Recompose with X Cameras?

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Re: Who Here Uses Focus/Recompose with X Cameras?

There are two things you're going to want to lock eventually: focus and exposure. On X cameras with leaf shutters you have greater latitude with locking exposure and recomposing, so you can recompose not once but twice if you want to.

Let's say you're in a classic situation of having a subject inside a room near a window. Set your AFL/AEL button to lock exposure only, while pressing. Set photometry to spot. Enable your EF-42 flash. Point the camera out the window to get the correct exposure out there in the sunshine. Hold that AFL/AEL button down. Recompose on your subject. Half-press so your subject is now in focus. Recompose yet again so you're in strict compliance with the rule of thirds (kidding) but keep the camera pointed at something inside still, so the TTL flash metering will be correct when that shutter opens. Now full press and take the shot.

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